Menopausal Mature Woman Having Hot Flush At Home Cooling Herself With Fan Connected To Laptop

Summer is time to enjoy the warm weather, but that can be challenging for women going through menopause. Hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats are bad enough on their own, but add heat and humidity to the mix and menopause symptoms are even harder to handle.

A woman doing a self breast exam to check for lumps as signs for breast cancer

In the fight against breast cancer, it's important to regularly check how your breasts feel and look to detect any potential issues as early as possible. Women are often the ones who first notice changes during a breast self-exam, and the earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances of successful treatment.

A pregnant woman with contraction in a hospital waiting to give birth.

Giving birth is an incredible act that calls for strength, resilience, and support. Understanding the stages of labor and delivery can ease your worries and empower you to successfully complete the final steps that take you from pregnancy to motherhood.

Young woman in jeans holding birth control pills

There can be some side effects to using birth control pills but packing on the pounds usually isn’t among them. Some women worry that using birth control will make them gain weight, but studies have shown that methods like the pill, the ring and the patch don’t make most women gain or lose weight.

Senoir women hugging each other after exercising.

Maybe you’re starting out in your 20s, making a family in your 30s, raising teenagers in your 40s, preparing for that empty nest in your 50s, or getting ready for retirement in your 60s. Whatever your age, one thing is true; we’re all getting older every day and there are things that can help all women as we continue on life’s journey. Here are a few tips for healthy living at every age.

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