Image of woman getting mammogram.An annual screening mammogram is an important part of good breast health. It’s helpful to have a basic understanding of the procedure so that the experience goes more smoothly for you.

Image of birth controlIt’s a marvel of modern science known by a simple two-word name.  We call it “The Pill” and it’s been providing safe, effective, and convenient protection against unwanted or unplanned pregnancy for six decades. But you need to know more than “take one pill each day” to be sure it’s working.

Image of woman smoking.Women who smoke are more likely to have certain health issues and develop serious diseases. Some of these effects are immediate and others develop over time.

Image of a pregnant woman laying in bed with a blood pressure cuff around her arm.Preeclampsia is seen in about 5 percent of all pregnancies and occurs when you develop dangerously high blood pressure. It can be life-threatening for both mother and child if left untreated.

Image of hands joined together.Recovering from sexual assault or abuse is a process that looks different for everyone. There’s no timetable for healing - it may take weeks, months, or years – but there are steps you can take to begin the process.

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