woman on scale pregnantWhen you're pregnant, you often worry about your weight. “Am I gaining too much?” is the common concern. According to a recent study in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, approximately 47 percent of women gain too much weight during pregnancy. Your doctor will give you guidance about weight gain, and there are ways you can help manage your weight while you carry your baby.

Exercise is an important tool in maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy, and most women should get 30 minutes of light exercise, such as walking, at least three days a week. But don't give up on exercise if you can't make it through a half-hour walk. Even 10 minutes of physical activity will benefit you.

When it comes to eating, try to focus on quality rather than quantity. Eat more fruits, vegetables and lean protein, plus foods high in folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamin D. And realize that it's okay to occasionally enjoy those less-healthy foods, but do so in moderation. Trying to beat food cravings cold turkey during pregnancy can make you miserable.

Plan for three meals each day and always carry healthy snacks with you. You never know when pregnancy hunger will strike or when you'll need a boost of energy. If you're prone to stress eating, ask yourself if food is really the answer. Consider simple alternatives like mindfulness exercises or prenatal yoga that can help get your mind off the idea of eating.

You can also cut calories by watching what you drink. For example, a glass of orange juice or apple juice might seem like a healthy choice, but it can have plenty of sugar. Instead, eat an orange or an apple and drink a glass of water. You'll stay hydrated and get all the natural fiber and vitamins from the whole fruit.

Don't obsess over the scale every week. Some women gain more weight in their first trimester and then taper off. Look for trends and work with your doctor to monitor and manage your weight.

Getting some expert help can also make it easier to eat right during pregnancy. Consult with a nutritionist or take a nutrition class through a local hospital or health agency to learn good eating habits. And if you feel like you’re gaining too much weight and you’re concerned, ask your doctor about it.


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