Pregnancy vaccinationsVaccines are front and center in the national discussion now but aside from breakthroughs on COVID there are several traditional vaccinations that you need when you’re pregnant.

It can start while you’re preparing for pregnancy. Check your shot records to see if you are current on all adult vaccines, including the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) because rubella is very contagious and can be dangerous if you get it while pregnant. 

The Tdap vaccine includes protection from pertussis, or whooping cough that can be highly contagious and even deadly for newborns. It’s not only you who needs this vaccine; family members who will be in contact with your infant also should be up-to-date with the Tdap shot because babies who are under two months old cannot be vaccinated.

There’s one more vaccine that we all need every year and especially when you’re pregnant. Catching the flu during pregnancy may lead to serious complications and a flu shot can protect you and your unborn child from influenza. That’s important because babies cannot get their own flu shot until six months of age.

These vaccines can be safely administered during your pregnancy and your doctor will give you the timetable for when they are needed. For vaccines like Tdap it’s recommended that you get the shot during every pregnancy because protective antibodies decrease over time and the ones you built-up during a first pregnancy are not high enough to safeguard future babies.

Taking a vaccine during pregnancy is safe for you and your baby. Like any medicines, shots can have side effects which are usually mild and go away on their own. These can include pain or swelling where the shot was given along with muscle aches, fatigue and possibly a fever, but the protection offered to you and your baby from vaccination makes this a vital part of a healthy pregnancy.

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