Holiday pregnancyBeing pregnant might make it harder to get into the spirit of the season, but you can still make the most of the holidays when you follow these tips.

Preparing meals and completing holiday shopping can take a toll on anyone’s sleep and it’s even worse when carrying a baby, so plan to get enough rest. If you’re among the many who won’t be visiting family this year you may have extra time to take naps and go to bed earlier instead of fretting about those party appearances and battling airport security lines.

One way to manage holiday stress is through meditation. Even if you’ve never tried it before, learning to meditate can help you to relax and feel more in control. It’s also important to stay active with a daily dose of exercise. When weather permits, taking a socially-distanced 30-minute walk outdoors can be a natural mood booster.

Don’t feel guilty playing the pregnancy card to help yourself during the holidays. Take a backseat on the chores and cleaning and let others clear the table or wash the dishes. If this is your first child you can indulge yourself now before you have a little someone who'll need to be the center of your life.

Enjoy holiday food and drink but do it in moderation. Have a mock-tail or a mug of hot cider and don't deprive yourself of your mom's famous Christmas cookies. Still leave room for eating well because it’s what you and your growing baby really need right now.

Even if you set a slower pace, you'll still need to buy gifts and decorate a bit, so try tackling your to-do list earlier by focusing on one or two manageable tasks at a time. That way, you'll accomplish your goals without impacting your health.

Most of all, remember that even during a pandemic the holidays shouldn’t be filled with worry and fear. Do whatever you need to feel at ease during this time and you’ll be making the right choice for you and your baby. 

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