An 8-Step Plan for a Healthier VaginaNature has designed your vagina to handle a lot, from urinating and menstruating to the very beginning of a pregnancy during intercourse and the very end when giving birth to a baby. Still, it can use some help from you to stay healthy, so here are eight tips:

1. Splash don’t scrub when washing. A plain water rinse in the shower is plenty to keep things clean. Scrubbing the area can make the vulva very raw and scented soap may irritate the skin.

2. Skip the pantyliners during your period. Sitting in a liner all day can irritate the vulva. If you’re not a fan of tampons, look for an all-cotton liner and be sure to change it regularly.

3. Ditch the dirty gym wear. Sweat is a breeding ground for infections, so take off your gym clothes right down to the skin as soon as you’re done working out.

4. Go commando whenever you can. Underwear prevents air circulation that keeps the vaginal area dry. The exception is when you’re wearing tight pants that can cause germs to be pushed into the vulva.

5. Don’t use liners or tampons for discharge. They’re made for absorbing menstrual blood and wearing a liner or tampon with discharge can cause bacteria to grow inside of you.

6. Don’t leave a tampon in all day. Follow label directions and replace as directed, even if it’s not full. Leaving a tampon in too long can increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

7. Clean up your toy drawer. You should properly sanitize a sex toy every time after using it to avoid the risk of introducing potentially harmful bacteria into your body.

8. Get tested for STDs. Regular testing can uncover an STD before symptoms appear and help you avoid with serious side effects. Any burning, itching, or unusual discharge is a sign you need to see a doctor.

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