Better Vaginal Health Means Avoiding These 7 FoodsWe’re encouraged to eat well to improve our overall health, but a diet that’s good for vaginal health may mean easing off on these common foods that could cause problems for you “down there.”

  1. Alcohol
    The dehydration that’s caused by drinking alcohol can also prevent your vagina from producing enough natural lubrication. That can lead to general discomfort and pain during sex, so drink in moderation.
  1. Onions
    Any food that can give you bad breath can also cause vaginal odor and onions are near the top of ‘smelly’ list. When you eat an onion, you can excrete an onion smell in your urine. The same is true for garlic.
  1. Asparagus
    It isn’t just a guy’s problem - asparagus also registers on the vaginal smell-o-meter. It can throw off your pH balance and cause an odor in your urine that might last a few days.
  1. Sugary Foods
    Too much sugar is like feeding the beast that is yeast. It loves sugar, warmth and moisture, and that combination in your vagina can make a yeast infection more likely.
  1. Refined Carbs
    Eating white bread, white rice or other foods with refined carbs can raise your blood sugar level. That can put you at risk for bacterial vaginosis that has symptoms like gray or green discharge, vaginal itching and burning during urination.
  1. Cheese
    Dairy products can cause imbalances that lead to high levels of insulin. Cheese is one thing that can affect the bacteria in your vagina and promote a yeast infection. If cheese is a favorite snack, consider switching to yogurt with probiotics that are good for vaginal health.
  1. Fried Foods
    We’ve already stripped sugar and carbs from your diet, so why not fried foods too? The high fat content found in many fried foods has been associated with bacterial vaginosis.

The good news? You don’t need to completely eliminate all of these foods from your diet but do eat them in moderation and your vagina will thank you.

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