How to Stay Active Throughout MenopauseThe effects of menopause can be different but exercise will help to relieve stress that every woman experiences during menopause. Regular exercise is also a great way to avoid the weight gain and loss of muscle mass that often occurs with menopause.

The good news is that almost any brisk activity counts as exercise, from walking and jogging to biking, swimming, dancing and even vigorous gardening and housework that keeps you moving. Start with 10 minutes of light activity and turn up the intensity as it becomes easier.

Strength training is important for menopausal women because it can take the place of estrogen to build new bone and avoid osteoporosis. Strength training can also burn body fat and increase your metabolism.

You can go to the gym and work with weight machines but strength training at home is inexpensive and easy with dumbbells and resistance bands. Begin with a weight that taxes your muscles in 12 repetitions and build from there.

Not all exercises have to break a sweat to be useful. Practice deep breathing, yoga, Tai Chi or meditation that can calm your nerves and center your mind to help alleviate hot flashes, irritability and fatigue.

Whatever you do, be sure to set goals that are realistic, attainable and specific, like walking after lunch three days a week, taking a group class at the YMCA, or playing tennis or swimming once a week. And keep yourself motivated and accountable by asking a spouse or friend to join you.

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