When You Need That First Visit with a GynecologistGynecology is the branch of medicine that’s a part of life for most of your life.  It manages women’s health from puberty through your senior years -- everything from birth control, safe sex tips and advice on preventing sexually transmitted infections, to menstrual issues, treating urinary tract infections, easing the effects of menopause and helping to overcome incontinence.

All women should have a first visit with a gynecologist by age 21 for a cervical cancer screening. Anyone under 21 who is sexually active should see a gynecologist for an annual screening for chlamydia. Some other reasons to see a gynecologist before age 21 include irregular or heavy periods or menstrual pain that interferes with daily activities and isn’t eased by over-the-counter medications.

You might want to schedule a gynecology visit to meet the doctor and familiarize yourself with what happens during a pelvic exam before you have your first one. Women who have experienced pain during pelvic exams can think that it’s part of the process. It might feel odd, but a pelvic exam should never cause pain. If it does, ask your gynecologist to stop.

If you’re a mother who brings her daughter to a first gynecology visit you may want to give her time to speak alone with the doctor. Sometimes there are questions about sexual activity that need to be addressed privately.

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