Staying on the Job During Your PregnancyIt’s common for women to work during a pregnancy. This is generally safe, but what you do on the job can affect the health risks for you and your baby.

Complications during pregnancy may be linked to working conditions such as:

  • Exposure to chemicals or other dangerous materials
  • Lots of standing or climbing
  • Carrying or lifting heavy loads
  • Loud noise or vibrations from machinery
  • Extreme heat or cold

Some studies have shown that working more than 40 hours a week or working night shifts may increase the risk of miscarriage. Talk to your doctor if you have any of these situations in your job to determine if a temporary re-assignment or other accommodations might be best for you.

You need to drink more water when you’re pregnant and keeping a large water bottle at your desk or workstation gives you a convenient water source. This means you’ll need more bathroom breaks, but try to take short and frequent breaks rather than holding urine for too long, because that can weaken your bladder and may lead to urinary tract infections.

Aches and pains that are common with pregnancy can be aggravated by working conditions. Wear supportive shoes such as sneakers, and pay attention to posture to lift with your lower body rather than your back. If you stand a lot on the job, try propping one foot on a box or stool. If you sit for long periods, you can support your lower back with a small pillow.

Prenatal care is a must for pregnant women who work because your doctor can monitor your pregnancy as it progresses and address any concerns you might have.  Your doctor will also help you determine how far into your pregnancy you want to keep working. If you’ve just learned you’re pregnant or are planning to be soon and live in the Brownstone or downriver Detroit area, please contact us about prenatal care services from Northline Women’s Health Center.

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