What to Expect in Your Third Trimester of PregnancyThe third trimester is the home stretch of your pregnancy. It ends when your baby is born, but there’s still a lot to do in these next 12 weeks or so, and that includes more prenatal appointments.

You’ll see your doctor every two weeks from 28 to 36 weeks, and then every week until your baby is born. This is when you’ll be measured to determine the size of your baby. The distance between your pubic bone and the top of the uterus should match the number of weeks of your pregnancy. For example, at 38 weeks that measurement should be 38 centimeters.

A baby that measures too small or too big may require another ultrasound to evaluate growth. An ultrasound may also show if the baby is breech and positioned feet first instead of head down.

Let your doctor know if you notice your baby is less active or if you’re feeling any contractions. These could be false labor pains or the real thing. Talk about your symptoms, even if they seem like the typical fatigue or aches and pains.

You should get the Tdap vaccine to help protect you and your baby from whooping cough. Your practitioner should talk with you about the benefits of getting a flu shot and the COVID-19 vaccine to protect you and lessen the severity of the illness if you become sick. Studies show that these vaccinations also pass protective antibodies to the fetus.

Be sure to bring your questions to each appointment. Ask about when to take childbirth classes, what are the signs of labor, what’s the difference between your water breaking and leaking fluid, and what to do if you go into labor in the middle of the night.

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