Six Tips for Surviving those First Days with a NewbornWelcoming your new baby can be wonderful, exciting, overwhelming, stressful and exhausting all at the same time. Here are six tips to make the transition to motherhood easier for you.

1. Ask for help before your baby is born. Talk with family and friends to find out how they can help. This could be cleaning, cooking or bringing meals, running errands or providing care for other children. Make sure that anyone who offers to help in the home is fully vaccinated to protect your baby.

2. Set up a visitor policy. Everyone wants to see the new baby, but create rules that safeguard your newborn and recognize your emotional needs. You could require that anyone who wants to hold the baby be fully vaccinated or set times of the day and limits for how long and how many people can visit.

3. Be flexible. You may be an expert planner but babies have a way of setting their own rules about sleeping and eating that can change daily. Learn to go with the flow and leave extra time in your schedule for the unexpected.

4. Find a support system of new mothers. This could be an in-person gathering or meeting virtually using an app or a Facebook mom group. You’ll be surprised how many other new mothers share the same challenges and have suggestions for you.

5. Leave time for yourself. Every new mom needs to rest and recharge, so plan to take a shower, go on a walk or spend some time reading or enjoying a program on TV. You’ll feel better and be a better mother for your baby.

6. Don’t forget about your postpartum health. Your gynecologist is a resource when physical or emotional issues come up after your baby is born. You can schedule an appointment with us at our centers in Southgate and Brownstown.

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