Know the Early Signs of MenopauseMenopause is when the ovaries have ceased to function, and you’ve gone a year without a period. Most of what’s called “early menopause” is really perimenopause – the time when a woman’s body is changing before menstruation ends.

During perimenopause, the levels of estrogen in your body rise and fall unevenly, causing symptoms that can be unpredictable. The start of perimenopause can be subtle and might begin in your late 30s. Here are some of the signs:

Your period is off schedule. Cycles get a shorter by a few days, or vary with each month. You can also have heavier periods and bleeding between periods.

You feel warmer. This isn’t a full-blown hot flash, but you might feel warmer in general.

Your heart races occasionally. That extra flutter, or palpitation every so often can be the first signs of your autonomous nervous system adjusting to a change in your ability to reproduce.

Your skin can change. Maybe it’s drier, or a bit of acne breaks out. This dryness can also affect your eyes.

Your sleep is affected. The combination of feeling warmer and your heart racing can interfere with the quality of your sleep and might even lead to insomnia.

Having sex or going to the bathroom is painful. This is a result of vaginal dryness that usually occurs after menopause but can appear as an early symptom for some women.

Your memory and emotions are off.  Your brain is beginning to re-wire itself for life after your child-bearing years, and this can affect memory and may even lead to anxiety and depression.  Be sure to talk with your doctor if these issues begin to impact your quality of life.

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