Postpartum DepressionThose first days after your new baby comes home can be hard. You’re feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for a new life. Many women are anxious and find themselves crying more or experiencing mood swings for a week or so. It’s called the “baby blues” but what if it doesn’t stop?

Postpartum depression is a problem that affects one out of seven new mothers. That’s millions of women, and studies show that only half of them are properly diagnosed.

This is more than feeling sad or anxious. The symptoms of postpartum depression can include:

  • Insomnia or excessive sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of interest in your baby
  • Feeling disconnected from your newborn
  • Thoughts about harming yourself or your baby

Time is a key factor in knowing if you’re experiencing postpartum depression. If symptoms have continued for more than two weeks, it’s probably not the typical “baby blues.”

Your doctor will check for signs of postpartum depression during the follow-up visit after your baby is born, but don't wait to discuss this if you're experiencing serious symptoms now.

Treatment for postpartum depression may include antidepressants, thyroid medications, or talk therapy with a psychologist. It may also help to get more sunlight, take fish oil supplements, or use aromatherapy or music therapy.

Having help in your home is also important. Your friends or a spouse or partner can run errands for you or watch the baby so you can rest. It’s also good to have someone who will be there to listen when you need to talk.

Getting treatment for postpartum depression is important for you and your baby, so talk with your doctor soon if symptoms persist. Request an appointment with the healthcare team at Northline Women’s Health Center in Southgate and Brownstown. We’re ready to help.

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