Woman patient with a senior gynecologist during the consultation in the office

You’ve gone through menopause and are now in your 60s. Do you need to keep seeing the gynecologist? Yes, because women’s health issues don’t stop with the end of your childbearing years.

There are new challenges that many older women face, like urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and pain during sex, and your gynecologist can help. They can also be a front line in your defense against cancer.

Reasons to See a Gynecologist Regularly

Certain cancers, including ovarian and breast cancer, are more common in older women, and urinary problems may be a warning sign of bladder cancer. A gynecological exam is an opportunity to identify these cancers in their early stages. 

Vaginal bleeding or pelvic bloating or pain always calls for a visit to your gynecologist. If cancer isn’t the issue, your doctor can help you resolve your symptoms and partner with your primary care provider to ensure that you’re up-to-date with other health screenings like colonoscopies and mammograms.

The urinary incontinence that many older women experience is often the result of bladder muscles that are weak and cause leakage or contract on their own, making you feel like you always have to pee. Your gynecologist can recommend treatments that may reduce or eliminate urinary incontinence.

Many women who are past menopause will experience painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, or low libido. Your gynecologist can answer questions about any sexual issues and offer treatments like estrogen rings, tablets, creams or lubricants to help you resume a healthy sex life.

The risk for sexually transmitted infections doesn’t go away as you age. If you’re single and sexually active, your gynecologist can test for STI’s like chlamydia that are becoming more prevalent in women over 60. 

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How often you should see your gynecologist after age 60 will depend on your personal and family health history, but the first step is making an appointment. Northline Women’s Health Center has offices in Southgate and Brownstown Michigan and you can request an appointment.

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