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Let’s debunk a few common myths about breast cancer.


Myth: Using deodorant or antiperspirant causes breast cancer.

Fact: There's no evidence that those products cause breast cancer or make it return. That myth is fueled by claims that specific chemicals in antiperspirant and deodorant mimic estrogen and raise a woman’s risk for breast cancer.


Myth: Wearing an underwire bra causes breast cancer.

Fact: Studies have found no association between bras and increased cancer risk among post-menopausal women, regardless of how long a woman wore a bra each day, the type of bra she wore or at what age she started wearing a bra.


Myth: Exposing breast cancer to air during surgery causes it to spread throughout the body.

Fact: Surgery may uncover a more aggressive case of cancer, but it doesn’t cause it to spread. 


Myth: A double mastectomy is required to save your life if you have cancer in one breast.

Fact: More women diagnosed with breast cancer are now choosing to undergo a higher-risk double mastectomy, but a long-term study of 200,000 women showed that the 10-year survival rate for women who had a double mastectomy was just a few percentage points higher than those who chose a less-invasive lumpectomy followed by radiation.


Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

1. Watch your weight: Fatty tissue contains estrogen and post-menopausal women may produce excess estrogen in those fatty tissues. So, losing weight can reduce your risk of breast cancer.

2. Exercise regularly: Exercise helps you control your weight, lowers your blood estrogen levels and boosts your immune system. (And you don't always have to head to the gym. Experts say a brisk 30-minute walk five days a week may be enough, but more exercise will work even better.)

3. Limit alcohol intake: Studies have shown that women who consume two or more alcoholic drinks every day have a 50% higher risk of breast cancer compared to those who don't drink.

The more you know, the greater power you have in the fight against breast cancer. If you have any concerns about your breast health, talk with your gynecologist.


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