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Most young women don’t need a pap smear until 21 years of age, but there are a few benefits to seeing your gynecologist when you’re younger.

1. Establish Healthy Habits

An early visit to the gynecologist can establish a foundation of healthy habits for life, from maintaining an ideal body weight to keeping your bones healthy to feeling good about your body.

2. Get Help with Periods

Most American girls begin menstruating before their 13th birthday. Your gynecologist can let you know if your periods are normal and how to get relief from the pain.

You can also learn the reasons for inconsistencies, like why your periods may be too heavy, too close or too far apart, or why you bleed between periods.

You can also learn how to cope with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as mood swings, food cravings, tender breasts, fatigue, irritability and depression.

3. Protect Your Health

Your gynecologist can administer the HPV vaccine to protect you from the virus that’s been linked to cervical cancer.

You can also get tested and treated for common conditions, like urinary tract and yeast infections.

4. Learn About Sex

If you’re in a relationship or thinking about having sex, see your gynecologist.

The doctor can provide honest advice on safe sex and help you distinguish healthy relationships from those that are threatening or harmful.

You can also learn how to lower your risk and get tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

5. Plan for Pregnancy

Whether you’re ready to get pregnant now or want to wait a few years, it’s best to see your gynecologist about family planning as soon as possible. Your doctor can help you make decisions about birth control, test you for pregnancy and help you plan for a safe, healthy journey.

Take control of your health so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Schedule an appointment with your gynecologist today.

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