Northline Women's Health Center offers complete OBGYN services to women of all ages living in the Southgate, Brownstown, Dearborn and Downriver communities of Michigan. Some of our comprehensive women's healthcare services include family planning and prenatal care, 2D ultrasounds, menopause treatment and hormone replacement therapy. 


Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

Northline Women's Health Center surgeons perform many procedures, such as da Vinci robotic hysterectomies, using precise instruments inserted through tiny incisions that are no wider than a fingernail. That results in gynecologic surgery that's substantially less painful, reduces blood loss and decreases your recovery time.


Menopause Care

Menopause care from Northline Women's Health Center in Michigan includes conventional treatment options and guidance with herbal or alternative treatments. We offer traditional hormone treatment, as well as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, to replenish or replace hormones and ease your menopause symptoms.


Gynecological Care

Gynecology is defined as the medical practice that addresses the female reproductive system. From your first visit as a teenager to post-menopausal check-ups, the doctors and nurse practitioners of Northline Women's Health Center are your partners to provide complete gynecological care for every phase of your life.


Incontinence Care

You don't need to suffer in silence with a bladder problem. In most cases, urinary incontinence can be controlled and is often cured with incontinence treatments. At Northline Women's Health Center, we can diagnose your type of incontinence and prescribe a care plan to address your unique needs.


Obstetrician Care

Pregnancy (prenatal) care from the obstetricians at Northline Women’s Health Center provides the best care for women in Michigan’s Southgate, Brownstown and Downriver communities. Our comprehensive obstetrics includes prenatal care,  physical examinations, testing, nutritional care and patient education. We also offer emergency obstetric care at any time.


Pregnancy Care

We provide the best prenatal care in Southeast Michigan because we're one of the few practices in the state that employs OB Coordinators who are registered nurses. Northline Women's Health Center has the finest team of medical professionals who can manage your care through every step of your pregnancy.


Family Planning Services

Come to Northline Women's Health Center if you're looking for a family planning clinic. We offer a wide range of natural family planning options and hormonal contraceptives, including birth control pills, shots, implants and diaphragms. We also offer permanent sterilization surgery such as tubal and Essure procedures. 


Annual Pelvic Exams

As your partners in good health, the doctors and nurse practitioners of Northline Women's Health Center recommend you schedule a pelvic exam at least once a year to ensure you receive the proper evaluations, including Pap smears and other women’s health exams.


Breast Care

If you have concerns about breast pain, lumps, discharge or other issues, the dedicated staff at Northline Women's Health Center will perform comprehensive breast exams and refer you for ultrasound or mammogram testing. We also educate our patients on breast self-exam techniques that should be conducted every month.


2D Baby Ultrasounds

A 2D baby ultrasound at Northline Women's Health Center uses high-quality imaging technology to evaluate fetal anatomy and determine the sex of your baby. We offer 2D baby ultrasound pictures and ultrasound packages at our Brownstown and Southgate locations.


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