OB/GYN Care for Every Phase of a Woman's Life

We provide complete gynecological care for women of all ages in the Southgate, Brownstown and the Downriver communities of Michigan. This begins with a first annual exam that should take place by age 18 (or sooner if you are sexually active) and continue each year through and after menopause.


What to Expect During Your Annual OB/GYN Exam

During your annual OB/GYN visit, a Northline gynecologist will check your abdomen for any masses or other abnormalities. The pelvic exam includes an external examination of the genital area and an internal look using a speculum that is inserted to provide a better view of the vagina and cervix.

At this time, the Pap smear is completed by using a small brush to collect cells from the cervix to check for abnormalities. Samples may also be taken of cervical fluids to test for sexually transmitted infections like herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

It's a good idea to bring a list of any questions you might have about health conditions, especially if you are experiencing unusual vaginal discharge, heavier menstrual flow, or pain or bleeding with sex. This visit is also a good time to discuss your birth control needs and the options that are available. Be prepared to answer a few questions, too. We need to know:

  • When was your last period?
  • Do you have regular periods, and how long do they last?
  • Have you been sexually active?
  • Are you using birth control?
  • Do you think you may be pregnant?


Your Partner in Breast Care

Breast exams are performed routinely at all annual exams, and any concerns about pain, lumps, discharge or other issues are evaluated immediately for possible referral for ultrasound or mammogram testing. We also teach breast self-exam techniques that you can use at home each month to check for any changes that should be reported to us.


Contact Northline Women's Health Center to schedule a gynecology appointment at one of our offices in Brownstown or Southgate, Michigan. 

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