A Change In Life

Menopause occurs when a woman has stopped having menstrual periods. It typically occurs when the function of the ovaries is reduced due to aging. Physical signs of menopause begin long before the final period during a transition phase called perimenopause (meaning “around menopause”). This phase can last six years or longer.

Perimenopause is brought on by changing levels of ovarian hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. During this transition to menopause, estrogen levels gradually decline, but they do so in an erratic fashion. Progesterone production can become very low or stop completely if you stop ovulating. Irregular menstrual periods, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, and mood swings are common signs of perimenopause. Some women also experience low sex drive and/or vaginal dryness.


Hormone Replacement Therapy Options

Menopause treatment from Northline Women's Health Center can include conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help with menopause symptoms for improved sleep and better quality of life. With HRT for women who have not had a hysterectomy, a progestin is prescribed along with estrogen to protect against uterine cancer. The risks associated with estrogen and progestogen therapy include a slight increase in risk of breast cancer, stroke, and an increase in blood clots in the veins.


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women who need an OB/GYN in the Downriver area trust the menopause specialists of Northline Women’s Health Center for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that can replenish or replace hormone deficiencies caused by menopause. Unlike conventional hormone replacement therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement uses the exact molecule that your body makes, so you get true hormone replacement, not hormone substitution.

Hormone levels are checked before treatment begins to confirm any deficiencies that may exist. Hormone levels are also periodically checked after treatment has begun to confirm that the deficiencies have been fixed, and to be sure that you are not getting more hormone than you need.

Bio-indentical therapy from Northline Women's Health Center can be used for hormone replacement therapy after hysterectomy and as a treatment after natural menopause.


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